Daffodils for Mother

You held me high,

soothed my cares
and carried me effortlessly across life’s thresholds.

You teased confidence into my baby steps.
When the bumps popped up along the road

and life turned tough,
you wiped away sweat and comforted my tears.

You always seemed to find the right answers
and your love sprouted in abundance.
You constantly knew how to marshal words

like warm bearhugs to heal my pains.
You possessed special powers to nurse dreams into reality

and smother any bit of doubt.

Your heart led by example. 
It knew sacrifice. 

It embodied commitment.
Empathy was your weapon against shifting obstacles.
Along the way, you planted within me,

strength to believe with my heart.

You filled me up
and taught me how to dilute the power of words over me.
If only I could still run to you,
my safe harbour,
my beacon guiding me home.

but although,

I must walk alone,
the warmth of your love’s long shadow
soothes me with shade and lightens my load.

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