Verbal Photography – Inspiring Conversations

Closing doors

Time flies...
but not everything changes automatically. Some things saunter,
some slip away, widowed by closing doors.
Others resist change by extending promising options.
Some grasp at straws,

others simply ignore those twilight moments
that require immediate attention.

Time can be slow, too,
and can easily defy expectations.
Unreasonable fears, like the distress of loss,
emerge only to provoke more fear and indecision.
They motivate people to cling too tightly to certain moments
for much too long.
Hence, they miss the openings in the closing doors.

Other times, irrational thoughts sprout.
They ramble on and on, trying to make sense of it all
and to understand the triggers of old attachments.
These tag team yesterday and tomorrow,
instead of letting them walk through closing doors.

But, time can also be a bit headstrong and unyielding.
It might decide to race ahead impulsively
or idle without warning.
Sometimes, it grows wings to let tender memories simply fly away.

But, time should be taken in its stride!
In any case, not everything finishes by the end,
some things resign themselves to just linger
because not every end marks new beginnings.

But, naturally, as new doors open,
old doors slowly begin to close.