Dream dreams

Dream Dreams

Dream big.
Dreams are silent windows to your soul.
They reveal subtle, unconscious thoughts.
They can fuel ambitions or power your heart.
Hold fast to your dreams, each is worthy of protection.
And if you must disclose them,
do so with great care.

If you let the power of your dreams embrace you,
it becomes easier to ignore the white noise,
to silence the naysayers and stave off unnecessary distractions.
You must keep dreaming,
even when familiar jaded voices conspire
to say some dreams are out of reach
or, simply, not meant to be.

Dream bold dreams.
Let them settle into the earth of your soul,
then watch them sprout,
whether as tulips, dandelions, sunflowers, or oak trees.
dreams are your sixth sense, imbued with hidden power.
Embrace them. Let them breathe.
They will give you wings and unlocks doors.
You must dream dreams,
even if they become seeds whose fruits
you never get to harvest or taste.

Let those dreams manifest in colour
and on your own terms.
Take in the oxygen of their rainbows,
as you would the colourful contours of a familiar smile
or ingest the sustenance of tomorrow's endearing eyes.
Dream dreams.
Those that take you beyond your comfort zone,
and transport you into places typically concealed from the naked eye.
Keep in mind,
that dreams come true, but only if you hug them.

Dream dreams, even while awake.
No apologies.
None can negate your dreams or chase them away.
They are your private * dokodemo-door…
a special portal to where dreams can do magic.

* The Anywhere Door" (どこでもドア Dokodemo Door in Japanese

1 thought on “Dream dreams”

  1. Recently been introduced to this wonderful world of poetry and visuals by Kevin Isaacs – what an inspiration, I am so happy to have “this place” to go now to read beautiful poems and reflect on the thoughts it conjures up … thank you for this joy and place of contemplation.
    S-J Heany

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