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Wisdom of fools

Mishandled promises.
Precious moments unused, squandered.
Broken homes, brimming with emaciated dreams,
While time grows prosperous and fat on the bones of shattered faith.

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Dawn of love

Dawn of love

With fondness, my eyes remember…
as if it were yesterday…
waking at the crack of dawn,
walking in the dew with my thoughts,

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Closing doors

Closing doors

Time flies…
but not everything changes automatically.
Some things saunter,
some slip away, widowed by closing doors.
Others resist change by extending promising options.
Some grasp at straws,

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Bits of us

As Auld Lang Syne faded into silence,
and the fireworks dimmed,
spontaneous cheers quietly turned to memories
and a new dawn bid farewell to the old.

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Home for the Holidays

I keep wanting
to reacquaint my senses
with the comfortable sights, sounds, and flavours of Christmas;
to feel the scintillating scents brush against my skin
and to hear the crackling melodies of carols fill the air.

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Span of life

Birds glide through the skies daily.
Not a scintilla of worry about tomorrow.
They refuse to plant seeds and tend crops,
but they are always fed.

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Slowing down

I am finally trying to slow down
to take in life slowly and enjoy it completely;
to take my time to listen to the dance of life as it races against time,
remembering, we only have today.

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Beautful day

Beautiful day

If the soft duvet of your touch
covers and comforts me throughout the night,
tomorrow, too,
will be a beautiful day.

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Path not taken

The path not taken

Even if you stop,
tripped up by feelings of resentment, regret, or curiosity
and cast your eyes in the rearview mirrors of time;

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Competing thoughts cascade through his mind, carving barren trails.
He feels estranged from home.
He remembers
when he was respected, revered almost, and could do no wrong

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My Younger self

Should I happen upon my younger self,
I would say, believe it when you hear that time flies… because it does.
Therefore, live life without chasing tomorrow.
And never discount the wisdom of living in the moment.

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Too Soon

The melody of your voice still waltzes outside my door,
and the dance of your smile still touches and soothes my ears.

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St Kitts


Slow down,
let your soul savour the few remaining pockets of pristine air
before they become too bitter and murky to inhale.

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Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment

Don’t wait for the perfect moment…
It will never come.
Take time instead to make moments perfect;
and to do the things worth doing even if you do them imperfectly.

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Holding on

It feels like only yesterday; you would fall asleep in my arms;
needed my help to stand and walk.
We played silly games and made up stories together.
I looked away for a moment;

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Have you ever met
who finishes your sentences;
with whom you can communicate without saying a word;
who tickles your funny bone

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Face theatre

As if by force of habit,
the dance begins;
the show takes flight; and the shadow boxing commences.

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Curve balls

Every now and then, when you least expect it;
life throws up the most unlikely and surprising of surprises.
It trips you up; fires one or more curve balls.

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At ease

At ease
Life is seamless here.
The skies retain an exuberant cobalt of endless blue,
sprinkled artistically with impressions on a canvass of skinny, white clouds.

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Abiding Prayers

We came here to pray,
eyes clasped, hands closed;
squeezed together between narrow chapel pews.
They inspire us to dream.

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The Quandary

The Quandary

Jump high!
but keep both feet planted firmly on the ground.
Shout aloud!
to the top of your voice
until even your whispers
stir robust winds of change.

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A spectral figure – a man apart.
His weary dreams, nourished with tears, hang by a thread,
as his faith grows disillusioned with disappointment.

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Bend in the road

The arch of time bends sometimes, unexpectedly. 
It finds new paths and meanders like a burgeoning river.
It runs deep and long but surrenders to the sea.
Time is a tough taskmaster.
It teaches hard life lessons.

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Trees 1

The Fog

Take the house,
and the land on which it sits.
Nip the car in the drowsy driveway.
Seduce the overfed bank accounts,
and fill your pockets with the useless jewellery buried in the safe.

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Slow down
and let your breath savour
these few remaining pockets
of pristine air
before they become too bitter
and murky to inhale.

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The Pursuit

How much stuff must one accumulate
in pursuit of fulfilment
before the quest leads to emptiness;

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Because tomorrow is now
take a bit more time and inhale daylight.
Soak up the sun;

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So Long

I know you’re gone
But I still hear your laughter ringing off the walls.
I feel you intently
as your fresh, hearty giggles stop by for a light breakfast.
I still remember

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The older I get #2

The older I get
the more I relish the quiet tranquillity of my own company.
I reflect more on life’s simple gifts, like beautiful unexpected smiles,
vivid flowers sprouting wild through cracks in the road;

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The Lighthouse

When closeness
no longer terrifies friendship
and opportunities are seen
to open doors to fresh opportunities,
yet you still find you’re losing your way, take a look toward the lighthouse.

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It’s podcast time! Listen to their latest episode with H.E. Dr Kevin Isaac – ‘verbal photography’ poet & High Commissioner for St Kitts & Nevis.

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Time Travels

Time travels light and sometimes, it does not look back. Did you pack an overnight bag or a suitcase, did you take a favourite suit or

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The older I get

The older I get the richer and more fulfilled life becomes.I can see more clearly the people and things that matter most. I finally…

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Send in the clowns

Send in the clowns so that mine is not the only serious face painted with transient smiles and feigning happiness to entertain the crowds. Send…

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Daffodils for Mother

You held me high, soothed my caresand carried me effortlessly across life’s thresholds. You teased confidence into my baby steps.When the bumps popped up along

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Hugs for my sons

  I hug my sons to reassure them that men can feel deeply and that they should never fear their emotions.  I hug my sons

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Tis the Season

Dust off Auld Lang Syne hang some carols on the tree and dress it in colourful baubles of lights. Gather up fresh dreams and old

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