My Poems

Time Poem

Extra time

Always thought there’d be time to drink mocktails over stories and share hearty laughs. Time to sit in the shade of coconut trees and sip

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Often, the loud chatter of silence soothes me.

I came to know
You never fully understand the power of silence

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This is the life

Point me to a robust lonely tree with shade for company;<br />then pour me words.<br />Toss in a cool wind seasoned with memories of good

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couple travel together walking with backpack forest long asphalt road

Take me there

There is a sense of attachment and belonging one feels in the Caribbean. Being separated always seems to generate that sense of nostalgia. Hence, ‘take me there’ is a nod to some of the special memories of island life.

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Park Bench Battersea

Magic bench

Life is filled with magical moments that take your breath away. Magic can happen anywhere, anytime. The key is not to close your eyes to the magic.

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Those good old days

I recall in vivid living colour the gentle, careful swooshes of sea breezes singing conch shell sounds to cupped ears.

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IMG 20210203 WA0015 002

Remember when

We are our memories. They accompany us, comfort and propel us, even help to define our tomorrow. I want to remember my memories, good or bad.

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penguins, mountains, snow

Rise Again

It is comforting to witness the power of the human spirit to overcome even the seemingly greatest of challenges and to rise again and again.

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Walking down Champs Élysées

Dreams by daylight

Have you ever held love’s soft hands at dawn, and strolled along the Champs Elysees;
an alluring sunlight touching your face and a moist

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person, old, woman


Goodbye is invariably a part of life. However, in these last several months, it has been ever-present, testing us all in so many ways.

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My Soul

My Soul

My soul
has found a partner,
who hoists my dreams onto pedestals,
extinguishes fears, and steers me clear of shadows.

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heart, love, sunset

L’amour gênant

Love isolates and binds; it is fleeting yet eternal.
It births memorable moments and conjoins unfamiliar hearts
to let them soar.

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bike, rusty, overgrown

I hate to pretend

I hate to pretend;
Lounge effortlessly on my eyelids
to nourish my imagination.
ramshackle scaffolds erected around my brittle soul

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IMG 7324

New Normal

I will miss the old normal, normal;
I might even learn to cuddle this new normal, normal – 
Where people value connections; long for conversations;

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Kevin Isaac

I decided to start a blog to share my poetry, insights and observations. I want to communicate more directly with readers in an unfiltered way.

It’s hard to believe but I have been writing poems, and a bit of short stories, since my teenage years.

I have always been fascinated by things around me and have tried, through poetry, to make sense of them.

My Videos

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Kevin is extremely interested in breaking down that boundary, in bringing VR and other digital technology to his poetry.

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 Through verbal photography, I hope we can have inspiring conversations, amplify our voices and share our lived experiences and common humanity.