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Kevin is extremely interested in breaking down that boundary, in bringing VR and other digital technology to his poetry.

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Through verbal photography, I hope we can have inspiring conversations, amplify our voices and share our lived experiences and common humanity.


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Wisdom of fools

Mishandled promises.
Precious moments unused, squandered.
Broken homes, brimming with emaciated dreams,
While time grows prosperous and fat on the bones of shattered faith.

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Dawn of love

Dawn of love

With fondness, my eyes remember…
as if it were yesterday…
waking at the crack of dawn,
walking in the dew with my thoughts,

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Closing doors

Closing doors

Time flies…
but not everything changes automatically.
Some things saunter,
some slip away, widowed by closing doors.
Others resist change by extending promising options.
Some grasp at straws,

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Bits of us

As Auld Lang Syne faded into silence,
and the fireworks dimmed,
spontaneous cheers quietly turned to memories
and a new dawn bid farewell to the old.

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Home for the Holidays

I keep wanting
to reacquaint my senses
with the comfortable sights, sounds, and flavours of Christmas;
to feel the scintillating scents brush against my skin
and to hear the crackling melodies of carols fill the air.

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Span of life

Birds glide through the skies daily.
Not a scintilla of worry about tomorrow.
They refuse to plant seeds and tend crops,
but they are always fed.

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Slowing down

I am finally trying to slow down
to take in life slowly and enjoy it completely;
to take my time to listen to the dance of life as it races against time,
remembering, we only have today.

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Beautful day

Beautiful day

If the soft duvet of your touch
covers and comforts me throughout the night,
tomorrow, too,
will be a beautiful day.

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Path not taken

The path not taken

Even if you stop,
tripped up by feelings of resentment, regret, or curiosity
and cast your eyes in the rearview mirrors of time;

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