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Kevin is extremely interested in breaking down that boundary, in bringing VR and other digital technology to his poetry.

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Through verbal photography, I hope we can have inspiring conversations, amplify our voices and share our lived experiences and common humanity.



Too Soon

The melody of your voice still waltzes outside my door,
and the dance of your smile still touches and soothes my ears.

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St Kitts


Slow down,
let your soul savour the few remaining pockets of pristine air
before they become too bitter and murky to inhale.

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Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment

Don’t wait for the perfect moment…
It will never come.
Take time instead to make moments perfect;
and to do the things worth doing even if you do them imperfectly.

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Holding on

It feels like only yesterday; you would fall asleep in my arms;
needed my help to stand and walk.
We played silly games and made up stories together.
I looked away for a moment;

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Have you ever met
who finishes your sentences;
with whom you can communicate without saying a word;
who tickles your funny bone

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Face theatre

As if by force of habit,
the dance begins;
the show takes flight; and the shadow boxing commences.

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Curve balls

Every now and then, when you least expect it;
life throws up the most unlikely and surprising of surprises.
It trips you up; fires one or more curve balls.

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At ease

At ease
Life is seamless here.
The skies retain an exuberant cobalt of endless blue,
sprinkled artistically with impressions on a canvass of skinny, white clouds.

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Abiding Prayers

We came here to pray,
eyes clasped, hands closed;
squeezed together between narrow chapel pews.
They inspire us to dream.

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