Video Poetry

Video poetry is a wide-ranging category where very different typologies of works converge.

My Video poetry is akin to performance works or a poetry reading recorded in video (digital or analogue) but goes beyond the straightforward act of recording to establish a link with video art. In this sense, video poetry is a particular form of video art comprising poetry texts elaborated at various acoustic and visual levels.

In 2019, a significant shift occurred to leverage video platforms to share my work. Creating video renditions of poetry readings transformed the audience’s experience from a passive listening session to an engaging visual encounter, including video in poetry presentations helping to convey emotions and nuances that the written word alone may not fully capture.

Innovating with 360° Videos and Interactive Elements

The innovation didn’t stop at traditional video recordings. Experimenting with 360° video technology marked a pioneering step in my poetry domain. This immersive technology allows viewers to feel like they are in the same room as the poet, surrounded by the emotive power of the spoken word. Additionally, integrating podcasts and interactive chats within these videos has opened new avenues for poets to interact with their audience, providing a dynamic platform for discussion and deeper connection.