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Verbal Photography
Verbal Photography

One of the  poems submitted from every competing nation and territory sent to Glasgow for the 2012 Commonwealth Games, capturing the essence of the Commonwealth.


Wishes…frozen in time
Like low-hanging fruits
Sweetening on branches of reminiscences
Marinate my ruminations
To form memories of green fields climbing mountain tops
Of mists swinging on blades of grass
Gently bowing to the sun

I watch trees give way to mini-mansions
Moon rays decorated by street lights
Bathing dark corners where kids no longer frolic
Beneath night-time

I hear the sea still races to shore
But with nervous apprehension
Afraid of large ships leaving strange footprints
Of vegetation felled by mountain rain
Washed down hill
Trapped by stares
Poking the air for space to breathe
And remember life embodied in a raindrop
Also being washed away
Disappearing like giant teardrops
Frozen for a time

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