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I can’t breathe!!

I too have dreams,
But, oh God,

I can’t breathe!

I am an entrepreneur,
a child and a father.

I am a soldier,

an officer and a gentleman.
I am a teacher, a nurse and doctor.

I am a fireman and a scientist.

I serve my country;
So Father, Father;

Why can’t I breathe?

Can you not hear the prayers?

Can you not see the anguish

fighting for air?

I am a gardener,

I am captains of industry.
I am student, a professor and mentor.
I hold bachelors, masters, and PhDs.

I am an alumnus of Ivy Leagues.

I am a drop-out.
I am reverend and writer.
I am a politician,

a model and fashionista too
so why, dear God

I just can’t seem to breathe?

Have you heard those fading whispers

of burdened gasps for air

when familiar aspirations are suffocated?

Must I prostrate my dignity

in streets choked with burning indifference?

Must I forsake dreams of equality;

offer up more of the fallen,

and scream violently for attention
To show you, Dear God

I have no air…

I really can’t breathe?

I belong.

I own homes here.

I protect and serve.

I carry prosperity on my undressed backs.

I believe in the dream.

I trust in justice.

I uphold the law.

So why, why

Dear God…

I still can’t breathe?

I see children’s dream extinguished.

I see youngsters judged for the colour that clothes their lives.

They dare not stroll unfamiliar streets;

wear hoods to protect their faces from the cold.
They’d better not drive expensive cars; wear Rolex or Patek Phillipe; dress uppity or seem too smart.

Can you not hear them?

I pray you listen carefully,

Oh God…

For like me,

They too can’t breathe!


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