At the mercy of rowdy, rocky seas;



And sometimes abandoned…


A determined people
Join hands to share journeys;

Because, we are CARICOM.

Eyes teeming with life,

Our imagination abundant with dreams,

Commitment our armour;
We thrive,

We succeed,

Shielded by the unity of solidarity and diversity,

because, we are CARICOM.


These Islands,

enriched by medleys of life
offer beauty,

choreographed by nature’s hands.
They hold up a people like beautiful perennials
whose voices strung together in a cappella
withstand the tests of time

For, we are CARICOM.


Across this radiant archipelago of dreams,

Sunlit skies whisper welcomes,
days dance tunes of junkanoo,
nights hum melodies in kaiso,

Life hosts serenades
reminding us to remember



When pressed against Goliath’s heel;
our islands of Davids’ bloom strength
in light touches – unspoilt, resilient.
We sail undaunted by struggle
and buoyed by thirsts to rise

For, we are CARICOM

So when seas and gales surge against us,
we will prevail.

When life’s storm batter us,

We will rebuild from the ground up.

We sculpt courage from scratch,
We refund hope with triumph

And we always deny failure a seat amongst us

because, we are CARICOM!


16 thoughts on “We are CARICOM”

  1. Definitive, aspirational and realistic observation. Proud, unapologetic and defiant.
    Delightful read.

  2. Shivshanker Nair

    Beautiful poetry, smooth as the Caribbean rum. A paen to the victory of the resilient people who make up the Caricom. But then I wouldn’t expect anything less from this magical wordsmith.

  3. Aloun Ndombet-Assamba

    This is all so true and well said. Thank you on this day when we are to be celebrating CARICOM.

  4. What beautiful poetry. Not only is it well written but makes me feel proud of my part of the world. Very uplifting!

  5. Beautifully penned by an accomplished poet and reCited with much grace. We are indeed talented .

  6. Truth. Love. Hope.
    Kevin speaks to the future of CARICOM.
    we can all hope to live with such strength, determination and vitality.
    Thank you Kevin.

  7. Another beautifully written, articulate and powerful poem by Dr Issac. It’s a very different approach from what I am used to reading by you. A strong, political piece where your voice and expression have captured not one but an amalgamation of many voices from the beautiful people of the Caribbean. Thank you for sharing it.

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