Tranquil Lake Windemere

Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures

I finally found time
for life’s simple pleasures.

No rush hour, no traffic jams!

No deadlines, no infinite queues!

No annoying haste between meetings

Or skimping on lunch!

I finally found time

to grow vegetables,
and bird-watch from my balcony.

Finally, I could clean tired closets,

repair overflowing drawers, absentmindedly,

restore weary, dodgy appliances, carefully,
and even trim lint from experienced carpets.

I finally found time,
to potter about – and do absolutely nothing, without much guilt.

I finally found time to watch time passing – those days when it strolled by so slowly I could touch it.

I finally found time to watch old movies, to consume the sounds of my children playing; to referee their fights in slow-motion,
then watch them make up in seconds without holding grudges.

I finally found time to appreciate pieces of art loitering on my walls;

To dissect lyrics of old loved songs and explore the rhythms of irresistible dances.

I finally found time to play Scrabble, to lose myself in word searches, while listening to the hushed, mellow music or birds.

I finally found time to probe the probing light on my nosy Amazon echo and to watch life lived on the internet.

I finally found time, amidst the pain, the tedious and preventable anguish, the loss and the unsighted goodbyes…
to recall life’s simple pleasures –
those sweet, irreplaceable moments, the tactile treasures, which had slipped from view – before lockdown.

I finally found time to taste life; to drink unhurriedly, the enticing smells of freshly baked banana bread, and to eat the aroma of a brisk tea;
to linger aimlessly over breakfast, to relearn to play the guitar, speak in tongues,
and read that novel poised on the bookshelf

inviting me to write stories once frozen in time.


I finally have time, to take my time; to breathe; and to take long deep breaths

and just finally take in

life’s simple pleasures…













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