New Normal

I will miss the old normal, normal;

Especially back when‘ normal’ meant little to talking lips;

A time when abnormal was normal

And we dared not stop to think.

I fear tiring too soon of the “new normal” normal

Though eager to embrace that so-called new normal, normal –

Where people listen to the voices of raindrops; grow small gardens;

Smell flowers, talk to birds; disinvite smartphones to dinner tables

And drink sun rays indoors.

I might even learn to cuddle this new normal, normal –

Where people value connections; long for conversations;

Celebrate life through video-chats and refuse to be slaves to deadlines,
unfinished work projects, and bucket lists.

I could learn to sing odes of praise to this new normal, normal

And frolic under trees –  socially distant –

Or reminisce on brief moments

when clean fresh air breathed loudly and rolled through our front doors;

when cars closed their eyes and stood parked;
planes muttered, but avoided the skies;
Trains stretched out their legs, but lay idle; and cruise ships bobbed and weaved

like busy rocking chairs, but stayed calmly berthed.

I will remember when my eyes blushed at news

of flushed bank accounts lying inactive – incompetent- unable to buy health or confidence.

I shall even reprimand my ambition for not noticing earlier a world
where privilege meant little.

I will definitely recall when politicians, tycoons, high-achievers, icons,

beggars, underachievers, nurses and doctors,

inmates and wardens, youngsters and elders;

introverts and extroverts;

were felled equally

by a silent equal opportunity virus.


10 thoughts on “New Normal”

  1. Profound and true -where all are considered equal. None better than none for this virus and it’s effects. The new normal normal.
    Thanks for sharing . May the Lord continue to bless you!

  2. Sebastian Moonjely

    Wow. It so beautiful and topical. Sure covers every aspect of the new ‘normal’ Normal.👏👏👏👌👌👍 I do believe that when this too will pass…. the world will be a better place… we will be more caring and responsive to our fellow persons.

  3. I do agree with you entirely. It’s not all been bad and this new normal has slowed the pace down making us more human in a way. You really know how to visualise our feelings with your words Dr Isaac. Thank you for sharing.

  4. My dear friend Kevin your talent with words is phenomenal. You always take us with you in the moment. Your words come alive and is a reflection of pure truth of what will now be the new normal.

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