Verbal Photography – Inspiring Conversations

I will miss the old normal, normal;

Especially back when‘ normal’ meant little to talking lips;

A time when abnormal was normal

And we dared not stop to think.

I fear tiring too soon of the “new normal” normal

Though eager to embrace that so-called new normal, normal –

Where people listen to the voices of raindrops; grow small gardens;

Smell flowers, talk to birds; disinvite smartphones to dinner tables

And drink sun rays indoors.

I might even learn to cuddle this new normal, normal –

Where people value connections; long for conversations;

Celebrate life through video-chats and refuse to be slaves to deadlines,
unfinished work projects, and bucket lists.

I could learn to sing odes of praise to this new normal, normal

And frolic under trees –  socially distant –

Or reminisce on brief moments

when clean fresh air breathed loudly and rolled through our front doors;

when cars closed their eyes and stood parked;
planes muttered, but avoided the skies;
Trains stretched out their legs, but lay idle; and cruise ships bobbed and weaved

like busy rocking chairs, but stayed calmly berthed.

I will remember when my eyes blushed at news

of flushed bank accounts lying inactive – incompetent- unable to buy health or confidence.

I shall even reprimand my ambition for not noticing earlier a world
where privilege meant little.

I will definitely recall when politicians, tycoons, high-achievers, icons,

beggars, underachievers, nurses and doctors,

inmates and wardens, youngsters and elders;

introverts and extroverts;

were felled equally

by a silent equal opportunity virus.