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Don’t stand too close to me

Let’s be sociable!
We must keep that distance –
Two metres at least or six feet.
Better yet, choose a nice spot
On the other side of the street.
Whatever you do;
Don’t stand too close to me.

Let’s be reasonable!
Do you have to breathe so loudly?
Better yet;
Don’t you dare sneeze, wheeze, sniffle or cough;
Cover your face.
Just don’t stand too close to me.

Let’s be responsible!
Leave my packages, my food at the door.
Better yet, go away,
Quickly, quietly.
Surely, you can’t expect old hellos
Let alone, a tip.
I know not where you’ve been
nor your circumstance.
Cut the chatter;
Better yet,
Silence is better.
Don’t you stand too close to me.

Let’s preserve friendship!
I can’t bear to be alone.
Give me a call; send me a text, or email.
My stomach growls for companionship;
my ears ache for platitudes and sparring banter;
since the cinema repossessed my living room;
a restaurant sprung up in my kitchen
and my garden doubles as The King’s Arm.

I need to get out and breathe
deep, wholesome breaths…
I crave company

but sorry…
I still can’t have you stand too close to me.

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