My Soul

My Soul

My soul
has found a partner,
who clears paths through life’s dusty clouds,
keeps the rains at bay
and showers me with sunlight.

My soul
has found a partner,
with eyes that awaken sunrise
and speak silently in prose;
with lips that share mysteries in verse
and smiles serenades in poetry.

My soul
has found a partner,
who calms the storms of life;
transforms words into ladders
to inspire confidence to climb.

My soul
has found a partner,
who hoists my dreams onto pedestals,
extinguishes fears, and steers me clear of shadows.

My soul
has found a partner,
with a beauty that percolates through my heart
like fresh oxygen to help me breathe;
a partner whose tactile warmth cradles me and fills me up.

My soul
has found a partner
whose steadfast support shines candles to fortify my faith
and chaperones my hopes into the future.

My soul
has found a partner
whose friendship is my armour,
protecting, and opening my heart’s eyes
to the magnificent bounties of life;
a partner, whose wisdom ennobles me and replenishes my dreams.

My soul
Has found a partner
whose love contains seas, steadies rolling waves
and powers my sails;
A partner whose presence comforts, restores…
and teaches my heart
to believe.

14 thoughts on “My Soul”

  1. My soul has found a partner in God.
    Another beautiful piece that expresses the joy and confidence that one has when one’s hopes, dreams and aspirations are supported even lifted up.
    Keep inspiring my brother.

  2. Powerful. Lights the path to hope, even to dream, of a better tomorrow amidst the desolation and despair of the moment.
    Vivid imagery that make the poem so luminous in its suggestion of an alternative, more invigorating reality.
    Thx4sharing ur discovery – The Partner!!

  3. Beautiful! This poem forced me to go into the chambers of my soul and find that partner. Amazing feeling of peace and contentment. Another brilliant piece!❤️

  4. Sebastian Moonjely

    Wow this is awesome.
    The words are lilting (when heard) and covers a whole range of emotions giving one a feeling that one’s soul truly has a steadfast partner.
    Thank you, Your Excellency

  5. Beautiful piece. The sound effects of the presentation really added to it bringing the words to life. kudos to you for yet another magnificent piece

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