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is more than a word.
It is a loaded metaphor,
an intoxicant which speaks in tongue.
It summons retreat at inopportune moments,
and changes lives as its toxicants
attack the heart’s sensorium.

is not a mere solitary thought
taken on a whim; for it is powerful.
It wears a crown
and reigns over moods, passions, fantasies, even love.
It opens and closes doors
and is the harbinger of dread.
It defeats aspirations,
humiliates affection, and
reprimands unchaperoned desire.

is much more than a turn of phrase or a signpost.
It is the thief of utopia,
the vagabond extinguisher of love;
a sharp-witted conjurer
with perfect sleight of hands who juxtaposes hope and weakness.
It resembles a mixed salad of industrious thoughts tossed together with barren wishes, expectant memories and obstinate, perishable emotions.

is not a euphemism.
It is pristine and, as precise as a Samurai’s sword.
It cuts deep,
It unleashes pain monsters with prodigious longings.
It sires copious sadness
and teases scars that haemorrhage into famished voids.

is not merely au revoir or bon voyage.
It is a wallpaper warrior,
keen to conceal cracks
Chiselled into wounds deep inside the soul,
which remembers goodbye
not just as a word,
but as a belligerent protagonist!

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