Walking down Champs-Élysées

Dreams by daylight

Verbal Photography
Verbal Photography
Dreams by daylight
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Have you ever held love’s soft hands at dawn,
and strolled along the Champs Elysees;
an alluring sunlight touching your face and a moist, crisp wind kissing your lips to savour restless ruminations
camped on your mind’s shoulders?

Have you ever caught fate tempting fate,
coaxing you to take chances and jump right into life;
feet first?

Have you ever spotted reality flipped upside down
in harmony – almost – or found your heart racing
like a bullet train, but you dared not pull that chain –
for you still hunger for the ride?

Have you ever found your heart,
follement ivre de désir,
And scolded it for falling in love at the wrong time
With the right person;
then stared helplessly as your mind confected plans
to waltz with forbidden thoughts?

Have you ever wanted to just sit back
and sip tall glasses of time,
Or watch dreams carousel through your head
like a soft morning rain until you could taste love’s warmth
caress the mature palates of your soul?

Have you ever just wanted to close your eyes
and take long, long, deep breaths;
feel your heart’s body levitate and sink slowly

into a sultry bubble bath of reflection
As you watch your mind, walk – hand in hand
Avec un amour presque parfait
sur les Champs Elysees?

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