Verbal Photography – Inspiring Conversations

I will rise again.
I will free my ambition from the gravity of old, tired scars
Seared into the faces of yesterday.

I will cast off jaded skin-deep bruises
scratched on the eyes of tomorrow.
I will dust doubts off my pride
and stand tall
so my sacrifices will not be in vain.

I will rise again.
I will shake loose embers of despair.
I will rinse haunting memory pains
from the baggy garments of my soul
and watch discontent roll gently from my back… into oblivion.

I refuse submission
I will not be deterred from my purpose;
I will rebuild my faith in me, in us.

I will rise again;
even when tears rain heavy
and its deluge feed quagmires of doubt
which clay my feet like quicksand.
I will rise again for me, for you,
for the children.
I will restock their pantries with hope
until our unquenchable spirits
reclaim tomorrow’s promise.

I will rise again
With conviction to liberate serendipity from the jaws of disaffection
For now I know fear’s elixir.
I will cast aside the millstone of apathy
and rekindle my faith in us,
draw energy from our strength
For I know now,
we will rise again.