Verbal Photography – Inspiring Conversations

I remember when
conversations ruled and words were king;
when warm nights danced tenderly, effortlessly
to rhythms dressed like power phrases

teased casual verses which doubled as pillows
and waltzed into the rising sun.

I remember when
time was fresh and debonair,
and as innocent as rainfall;
when the sweet spry voices of spring
could still conjure whimsical images
and entice soft-hearted tales and flights of fancy.

I remember when
slow moves and love songs relaxed
and spoke eloquent French to bait silent kisses;
when dreamy eyes whispered discreet desires to attentive ears,
and time took casual walks on the beach
like bold thoughts sipping virgin cocktails
in the shadows of moonlight.

I remember when
sunset roused sleepy eyes
and transformed laughter into the nectar of life;
just when the soothing nocturnal memories stopped dancing
and the lighthouse dimmed quietly,
suddenly, behind a thick, hazy mist of ripe hesitation.

I remember when
serenity screeched in silence;
when time shivered and began to feel naked, vulnerable,
impecunious yet hopeful.
I remember too
being afraid to reminisce,
or even to recall
when time’s beautiful face
sighed in sadness.

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