The Little Things

Warm glances frequenting lonely stares.
Love’s arrows disguised as question marks bookended by smiles.

Gentle words sprinkled like fertilisers to enrich ears.
Reliable, random texts and phone calls to shoot the breeze.
Old-fashioned handwritten letters plied with humour.
A casual wink to say hello.
Sometimes, it’s just the little things…

Like a careful touch, cloaked in words to show you care.
Attentive ears hanging jealously on every word, including those unspoken.
Harbouring perfect timing and sharing an apology at the right time.
Saying countless I love yous without expectations.
Offering forgiveness without keeping score.
Like walking barefoot in someone else’s shoes.
Finding time to carry their pain,
and borrowing their grief to understand their story.
Sometimes, it’s the little things.

An unscripted visit sprung from the blue,
or cooking up impromptu invitations to feast on friendships.
Doling out hugs that speak volume in silence;
packaged, like gifts of support and encouragement.
That firm, long overdue, I believe in you.
Going the extra mile to mint laughter, just because.
Granting your heart freed license to binge on love.
Perhaps, it’s a hastily unscheduled day-off to tame time.
Taking unscripted, long focused walks to nowhere special.
Sitting aimlessly to share caring stares with a partner;
just lying awake allowing your souls to feel the beating hearts of time.
Sometimes, it is the little things…

Like lending a hand when it is the hardest thing to do.
Sticking around when it counts even though you are pressed for time.
To offer your shoulders to hoist a friend in trouble.
Showering your children in unreserved love and attention.
To ensure they know it’s really the little things that become life’s big moments.

It’s when you learn to linger,
long enough to share bits of yourself and to keep your heart wide open like a relaxed palm, allowing those you touch to feel you,
simply because,
Sometimes; it’s just about the little things.

12 thoughts on “The Little Things”

  1. The little things. The important thing s. The things that count and matters most.

    Well done Kevin!!

  2. The little things – they are important and matter, sometimes this is what really makes a difference. Well narrated as always.

  3. Indeed the little things matter and at a time least expected. Well narrated as always. You never disappoint.

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