Must be love

Might be love

Verbal Photography
Verbal Photography
Might be love
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If you catch your mind playing tricks with your heart,
replacing dreams with make-believe

et tu trouves que c’est toujours la même histoire,
la même personne et les mêmes rêves
which stroll casually along the unsettled avenues of your heart;
it might be love.

If your heart contradicts your mind and strongarms you constantly
and all you can do is observe,
yet you struggle to understand
those tipsy plumes of excitement
speeding through the arteries of your soul;
if active splinters of desire still litter the back alleys of your heart
and your memory lures you
to stream images of spring in the cafés of your mind;
it might be love.

If your heart flutters when restive endangered thoughts
stimulate your mind to feast on bitter-sweet reflections
que tu n’arrives jamais à oublier;
if your head feels cobwebbed and smitten with emotions,
that discombobulate you with insatiable wants,
yet you keep wanting more;
it might be love.

If the dense skin of you heart still trembles with delight
when memories sneak up and entice you;
if that alluringly gentle glint of her eyes lingers,
dances with your thoughts
et te remplit toujours de plaisir;
if you feel the rush of impatient wishes
sprinting across the plains of your soul
like gun-toting pioneering cowboys,
claiming fresh real estate inside your heart’s head;
it might be love.

If your ears still tingle with excitement at her eyes’ touch;
or your lips shiver at her smile;
si tu cherches toujours à recréer ce qui n’existe plus,
ou ce qui n’existerait jamais;
or your pulse still floats like feathers
and your wishes tango with shadows;
if you still long to close your eyes
and allow warm silhouettes
to caress the soft face of your heart;
then you must know,
you are truly in love.

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