Take me there

Take me there,
where dew walks on pavement,
and the sun peeks over the shoulders of strangers;
where trees dance reggae and calypso to the melody of sea breezes
and time plays with fragrant mists right at the crack of dawn.


Take me,
where brown pelicans stroll angelically in flight and spar with seagulls;
where pristine, warm sand is always keen to crawl between your toes
and massage your feet like an old friend.

Follow me there,
where women are gentle giants
who dazzle and radiate beauty,
but stand tall and speak their minds;
where their natural smiles sedate life’s troubles.

Take me,
where the sea rushes ashore,
foaming with excitement to welcome and serenade you;
where a few shots of warm island nectar animate the tongue
and ignite old talk while dominoes tango on wooden tables.

Take me there,
where the bold harmonicas of roosters stroke the morning air;
where happy feet leap from slumber like fireflies to populate sleepy streets;
where the call of enticing morning sounds ready your face to greet the day.

Take me,
where daylight pries open your eyes
and brushes your face with warm scented kisses;
where a friendly sun skips rope on rooftops
and plays hide-and-seek with birds;
where raindrops bob and weave between houses
while industrious fishermen fiddle
with the sound of conch shells at noon to announce fresh catches.

Take me back there,
where slow paced days are legend
and time sips tea in the shade of mango trees
as soft sea air walks inland to give gentle bear hugs;
where freshly baked scents loiter,
littering the streets with their aromas and haunting your eyes’ tastebuds.

Take me,
where orchestras of birds string together familiar melodies
and love loves to fall in love with love;
where people live life and friendship is served fresh;
where solidarity is carried high on the backs of strangers;
and sun-drenched days stay awake until dusk
to catch glimpses of impeccable sunsets before they turn into full moons.

Take me back
where finally I can feel the soul
and taste again the gentle aromas and tempos of island life.

7 thoughts on “Take me there”

  1. The beautiful island life. We shall save some for you. Magnificently described. Another beautiful piece. Kudos!!!

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