This is the life

Point me to a robust lonely tree with shade for company;
then pour me words.
Toss in a cool wind seasoned with memories of good old times
to massage my eyes as I sleep soundly awake.

Oh wow!
This is the life…

Show me a gentle breeze accompanied by soft melodies.
Let my thoughts drift, relax,
drip, fall drop after drop
and percolate into my thirsty soul
like a cool lanky glass of lemonade.
Not with fizzy, fuzzy tastes foreign to my tongue’s memory,
but the real stuff.
I want to savour it –
every last drop.

Prepare it for me, please
with strong hints of lemon juice,
carefully mixed with love, pure island water and cane sugar.

Oh yes, this is the life….
wholesome and fresh like home!

Perhaps you might make me an obedient hammock
steadied by the winds’ rhythms;
or just whip me up a serious breeze
and park it in my favourite spot overlooking the beach.

I want to hear waves wrestle and rocks giggle.
I want my eyes to rest on this island of shade.
I want to watch my mind nesting between the cool mists of sunlight
and warm flakes of teatime air,
to numb my overgrown inhibitions.

Then, as the day ages,
hatch me some stories, carved from books
where the ink dances on paper and pages hold enduring secrets.

As I sit here;
I long to have the gentle wind-tossed silence caress my thoughts.
I long to just sit and listen to leaves gossip;
to hear the wind whistle
and waken my ears taste buds with symphonies of words –
words that always open my mind to let in the sun.

Wow! This is the life… just as I imagined it.
I love, love, love it!

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