Often, the loud chatter of silence soothes me.

I came to know
You never fully understand the power of silence
until you learn to quiet your mind’s soul and numb the distractions.
Then and only then
does your soul truly appreciate  unspoken truths.

Silence wants you to hear words unsaid or which may never be said;
to decipher messages conveyed in smiles,
or in the soft melodies of expressive eyes.
It even helps you find love communicated in a touch,
carried on waves of shy laughter on a halting stroll.

Silence motivates the hearts’ senses
to hear, feel, taste, smell and touch without speaking.
It lets you fall in love with stares, interpret glances of warm hesitant hands that reach for hands.

Silence knows the differences between aloneness and loneliness.
It opens your ears to birds’ gleeful whispers;
to taste the summer flavours of a wind’s kiss on your lips
and savour the magnificence of flowers that, awaken and tantalise your senses.

Silence invites you to sit quietly on frail park benches
until your eyes can comb distances,
skim rivers, play with clouds, dance with rain, ingest and digest beauty without interference.

Silence captures the simplest beauties of life.
It allows love to fall in love and
empowers kindred souls to roam free together.
It explains that clasped arms, rationed closeness, unfinished sentences and infinite pauses are all also expressions of love.

Silence might seem painful at times,
but it is a dear friend and is never unkind.
It reminds you to cast your eyes in the distance, to skirt trees and find comfort in symbols.

Silence, if you listen, talks loudly.
Sometimes, silence preserves and protects.
Sometimes. Silence may even take long walks not to say goodbye but to bid fond farewells
Until it recovers its voice to speak once more to attentive hearts.

4 thoughts on “Silence”

  1. Sebastian Moonjely

    Amazing piece!!! Simply superb!! never ever imagined that silence can be so vocal 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏼🙏🏼

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