Extra time

Always thought there’d be time
to drink mocktails over stories and share hearty laughs.
Time to sit in the shade of coconut trees and sip lemonade to the tune of sea breezes.
Time, maybe to take long twilight walks on the beach and build sand castles with our toes.

Just assumed there’d always be time to enjoy the quieter moments;

to munch on croque monsieur and stroll dimly lit promenades
to watch dreams inscribe our names on parked benches.
Thought there’d be time for casual drives to nowhere to explore secret floral gems,
lie in tall grass and talk for hours without words.

Hoped there’d be time to spend more time soaking up the sun, dodging mid-afternoon rain;
hugging brash breezes escaping the sea to hatch closeness.
Time to count tender raindrops swinging on leaves;
or to sing lullabies to your eyes and watch them laugh and fall asleep.
Thought there’d always be tomorrows, because time was so young, energetic and optimistic.

Felt sure there’d be time enough
to buy you flowers; play board games after dark; rewind yesterday’s dreams tomorrow
as new favourite movies.
Time to gift you secret places to cast off your cares and watch time take its time to grow up.

Never occurred to me
time would evaporate without warning and lose its voice.
Never imagined it like this, when there is so much left to be said;
so much laughter still to be laughed and so many more smiles to smile tomorrow.

Hard to believe this is it. The end!
Can it be? There must be more time! Time to share thoughts that count.
Time to take time and make time for more than words.
Time to watch hands hold hands as conversations take walks together.

Just imagined there’d always be time to make lasting memories
and to lock them away in time vaults for safekeeping.
Never thought time would fall asleep; and create such unquenchable silence and emptiness.
Tomorrow always seemed to be one wish away…
Just wanted a bit more time,
enough time; to talk, laugh, remember and share more of what matter
without ever having to know regret.

3 thoughts on “Extra time”

  1. Ignatius Karl Hood

    Sad longings of yesterday, caught up in tomorrow’s anxious hopes which seem to evaporate today. Sad that there is not more time.
    Your words always inspire me.

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