The Path

Has life ever found you so flummoxed with regrets
and dyspeptic with doubts
that you feel overwhelmed, almost lost…
Do you second-guess yourself, ever so often,
and question the road you chose
or simply amble along the path chosen for you…

How often do you feel galling bouts of sadness

careening through you and catch yourself worrying
about tomorrow’s past, but stay put…
Has an unfounded fear ever paralysed you, briefly

and forced you to take comfort on the path of least resistance…

Do you sometimes wish to venture off,

on different paths that tempt your journey
to find new destinations;
or has life just made you come up for air

only to find nothing, but the tired face of your heart
covered in weary battle scars…

What if… time stopped you dead in your tracks,
what would you have to show for it?
Would you celebrate the zenith of a journey well-travelled
or would it come as a long overdue release…

What if you faced your moment of truth, today…
Would it find you ecstatic, defeated or desperate for a break
Would you still think the journey was worth it,
or would sneaky doubts haunt your mind?

I pray

that in these moments,
regret never finds you unconfident,
pondering your fate;
but instead, familiar choices would still sustain you
and tame any nomadic questions within.

I pray

there’s never an impulse
to turn back, and that your path would still blaze
as bright as tomorrow’s stubborn sunrise,

filling your soul…
because you are precisely where you want to be.

But what if…

4 thoughts on “The Path”

  1. Your words always have a way of speaking that it feels it was written specifically for me. You make me feel that I’m normal 😊 and that everyone gets the same feelings every now and then. Thank you for sharing Kevin

  2. Ignatius Karl Hood

    Your words always speak to me. The ‘what if’s’ of life, the maybe or perhaps do plague the mind and create a cascade of doubt that blinds the way of present joys, of hope, of contentment,
    Keep writing my brother and continue to inspire.

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