Verbal Photography – Inspiring Conversations

Before you go
bow your head in quiet prayer
and listen for the choruses of whispered anguish

screaming for your attention. 

Before you go
spare a thought for those of us still in need.
Say a quick prayer for those praying bountifully
for miracles and scarce blessings.
Remember those of us

desperate and longing to harvest second chances 
to irrigate the parched roots of our lives.

Before you go
keep praying fresh prayers for lost ambition,
for those suffocating, disgruntled and in tears;
for those scavenging the darkened alleyways of despair

in search of something better.
Spare a moment
for the mouths wont to suffer
yet too disillusioned to try
and too anhedonic to mint more tears.

Before you go
try to fix yesterday’s pain;
and redress the tiresome wrongs
before they seep into tomorrow’s future.
And remember to say a word for those

too often orphaned by justice;
let down and too easily forgotten.

Before you go
comfort those looking to attain the unattainable

and give them hope.
Pray that your prayers become ladders for their voices to climb
and turn aspirations into faith.

But, before you go,
take a long look at the unfinished dreams

you leave behind.
and ask yourself…
if this is really the time to leave.