Hugs for my sons


I hug my sons
to reassure them that men can feel deeply

and that they should never fear their emotions. 

I hug my sons
to instil self-confidence and remind them
to pass it on when they become fathers.

I hug my sons
to infect them with my kind of love
and to teach them respect for women who are our equals.

I hug my sons
to assure them their father’s love will never desert them
but will stand tall as a pillow to comfort them
and as bold as a shield to support them through life.

I hug my sons
tightly because they will inherit my emotional legacy or baggage

to which they will repair for future life lessons.

I hug my sons
to defend their self-worth
and to educate them on the quiet strengths and compassion in hugs.

I hug my sons
to open their hearts’ eyes to our world’s humanity
and to help them appreciate the dignity and beauty of diversity.

I hug my sons
to ensure they own their mistakes
and to extract lessons that may one day fertilise their dreams.

I hug my sons
to chase away those pesky little monsters
which haunt their beds at nights and create irrational fears.

I hug my sons
because I am that son who once looked for answers
in his father’s eyes.

I hug my sons
to shower them with unconditional love
just because….

6 thoughts on “Hugs for my sons”

  1. Today is my son’s birthday and I plucked some sections of this poem and posted to him on FB.. thank you as I could not say the things I wanted to say in such a colourful and meaningful..deep manner. Thank you again.

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