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Wishes by the water’s edge
Sit here and rest a while.
Take a moment.
Have a few mouthfuls of spring
to your heart’s content.
Hear the ripples on the water
kiss the wind and wave to migrating birds.
Quiet your mind until it falls asleep slightly awake.
Then, watch the air stroll quietly and stroke your face.

Sit here and rest a while.
Let this shy sun marinate
your thoughts and hold you close.
Close your eyes.
Feel the silence massage you secretly
in plain sight.
Let it tease my fingers
until they find you.

Sit here and rest a while.
No need to talk out loud.
Just lay your head on my shoulder.
Palm in palm, thoughts to thoughts and listen.
The silence wants to share and speak volumes.
Take a deep breath and wait
for your heart to tell its own stories.

Sit here and rest a while.
Allow desire to dream, just a little.
Let your heart delight in the sounds, whispered like shards of daylight.
Listen as memories skim the water’s edge like melodies
while wishes hum and pray for time.

Sit here and rest a while.
No rush. No expectations. No demands
Just hold me close on the water’s edge until I feel whole.
I am home.
Ready to take you in,
moment by moment, bit by bit.
There’s still time before sunset.

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