Time Travels

Time travels light…
and sometimes, it does not look back.

Did you pack an overnight bag or a suitcase,
did you take a favourite suit or shorts and loafers?

Have you chosen a pet memory;
and was it any old memory
or perhaps a special moment to hold dear?
With any luck, it was something nice and easy to carry,
to keep you company,
and warm your journey’s heart
when time encourages reflection?

I don’t remember if you said goodbye.
Pictures of your smile fill this place.

They adorn the walls.
Did you really leave
and if so, is it for good?

If you’ve left, then, gone are the chances
for light breakfasts to serenade the mornings;
for casual lunches to sweeten the day,
or special dinners without desserts to seduce dusk.
No more strolls on the water’s edge,
listening to the words of talking hands.
No more time to park cares on park benches to look at life.
No more laughter from the other side of the streets…
Time travels  – often alone.
It sheds tears too and tries to soothe its pain in private.
Maybe, it is afraid to reveal too much.

Did you try to make the bed,
and was your side warm when you left?
Did you bless the mirror with kisses
and were those your footprints standing boldly in the hall,
trying to preserve hugs?

Time passes.
It pauses and invites you to catch up.
But if you miss that one chance,
time marches on alone, without you.

Time must travel.

Where are you, now?
I still don’t remember if you said goodbye.
Alas!  Perhaps it was a foolish dream.
Hopefully, in the morning
your side of the bed will still be unmade…

10 thoughts on “Time Travels”

  1. As always, I thoroughly enjoy your work..and must repost on my FB timeline. Why don’t u have more followers?

  2. This so beautifully timely for me and my family as we did say good bye three Saturdays ago to a beloved son, father, brother , cousin and friend

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