Verbal Photography – Inspiring Conversations

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When closeness
no longer terrifies friendship
and opportunities are seen
to open doors to fresh opportunities,
yet you still find you’re losing your way, take a look toward the lighthouse.

If the waters of life ever turn choppy and rough journeys challenge your way;
you need not feel alone,
if you just keep looking at the lighthouse.

If the fields onshore
ever deny you sustenance
and familiar oases
look more like mirages,
keep your eyes fixed on the lighthouse.

If silence should ever yearn for conversation
because old friends have occupied new distances;
take deep breaths
and anchor your thoughts’ eyes on the lighthouse.

The lighthouse

If love becomes unfeeling or unkind and your heart
longs for a shoulder to cry on
cast a glance and remember
the lighthouse.

If aloneness dares to invade
the tranquillity of your mind
and regrets linger so long
that fond memories seem to pass you by,
Stop and remember
the lighthouse
where time still has time
to guide you home.