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So Long

I know you’re gone
But I still hear your laughter ringing off the walls.
I feel you intently
as your fresh, hearty giggles stop by for a light breakfast.
I still remember
the lyrical softness of French music playing in the background
as its rhythms dance tenderly with warm images of you on my mind.

I know you’re gone
But I still hear footsteps
of precious memories traipsing through the halls filling empty spaces
with life-like conversations;

and I still see your delicate scents on the pillow,
and feel your warmth kissing the cheeks of my heart
like a cool morning breeze.

I know you’re gone
But I still see echoes of your smile etched into the fabric of the sofas.
Sometimes they stand in the doorway of this small cottage
of my soul to greet me, longing for yesterdays,
and for the spontaneity of a touch.

I​ know you’re gone
But we still talk out loud; at least in my head;
and my fingers still itch to massage and retrieve the contours of your face;
and plan things we promised to do together…
like walking, and holding hands,
sitting in the sun as seasons change,
star gazing on summer’s eves
watching days age gracefully;
waiting for hands to make love with time.

I know you’re gone
But there are still promises to keep,

regrets to neuter and replace with fits of laughter.
I still hold out hope…
we will meet again; that we can kiss the soft face of eternity
and recover bits of paradise.

I know you’re gone
But, for one last time, my eyes might touch
the savoury nectars of your smile
and feel that gentle tenor of your embrace

filling me up again completely, until I can feel you so deeply
you will never ever truly leave…

8 thoughts on “So Long”

  1. Ben Abrahamson Chigara

    Arresting sensually
    Loss and desperation carefully and honestly portrayed
    Vulnerabilities laid bare
    Unfairness of the hand of time as there remains much unfinished business between the subjects
    A victory over loss of a loved one in that feelings and thoughts are still vivid
    The power of memory of past touches and gentle and tender moments shared well portrayed …this poem will serve as a source of healing and unity for its readers

  2. Deep and emotional.. intriguing and compelling read… I shall save it for when the occasion arises which it will..if Im around.

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