The Quandary

Jump high!

but keep both feet planted firmly on the ground.
Shout aloud!

to the top of your voice
until even your whispers
stir robust winds of change.

Stand tall!  

but be sure to take your seat at the table

when and where it counts.
Tomorrow’s world is yours to build;
it will need your counsel.
Speak up, speak out,
talk truth to power;
and always harness the strength within you

to shepherd the conversation.

Hold them to account, of course,
but don’t ever forget!
You, too, are accountable.
Always remember,
power will never cede power, willingly,
but it is often open to judicious persuasion.

On the long arc of time,
opportunities bend to favour the bold, those who endure.
So, steady your pace for the long race

because the future you chase

begins when you awaken the change giant inside you.

Make haste slowly;
because, to deconstruct yesterday’s legacies,

you must farm new seeds today,

fertilise them with consistency
that they grow into towering harvests tomorrow.

Remember the quandary!

Then, rush forward!

arm yourself with enthusiastic patience,
steel your fight with the constancy of now,
and find the balance within the walls

to convince them
one day, they must fall.



Kevin M. Isaac 16/03/2024

4 thoughts on “<strong>The Quandary</strong>”

  1. Benedict Chigara

    Arguably your defining contribution, mature, philosophical and intellectually appetizing … in my estimation, this is unbeatable …

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