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Life is seamless here.
The skies retain an exuberant cobalt of endless blue,
sprinkled artistically with impressions on a canvass of skinny, white clouds.

One feels relaxed, at ease here. 
It’s a treat.  To sit on this sturdy balcony of time and watch the sun rise;
or to listen to the soothing symphony of your voice cascading with the cadence of water.

Here, I can feel the timelessness of time sunbathing;
I can even hear the soft afternoon drizzle snooze
as it waits to catch a glimpse of a slow, tranquil sunset.

I feel restored here
and my heart is happy to just rest its head on soft pillows
and sip a tall glass of brackish breeze.

Beauty rains down effortlessly here,
and edible moments spring to life and thrive in this pristine calm. 
I can finally delight in the enchanting melodies of your voice chanting in my ears.  It comforts me.
This is incredibly special.  Something different. 
Something, warm, pure, reassuring, and permanent. 

My thoughts are at peace here.
Finally, I can afford to let myself savour
dawn’s sparkling bubbles of serenity;
and in the bosom of daylight,
I feel free to take my time, because the nights walk slowly here.
They wait to hear your voice whisper stories in slow, deep breaths.

I like it here. 
Where spiced seas misted with enduring calm, flirt delicately with the air.
And, on occasion,
I get to see a brisk sunrise dancing on the retinas of your face.

I am smitten; completely in awe of those morning sunrises; that, like love’s haunting eyes take my breath away when time stops to hold my hand.
I like the feel of your breath sighing on my cheek like gentle ripples of time.
And, I feel comfortable here.
Natural and right.

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