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It feels like only yesterday; you would fall asleep in my arms;
needed my help to stand and walk. 
We played silly games and made up stories together.
I looked away for a moment;
there, you were starting your own journey without me.
It’s hard stepping back; so, I might just hold on a bit longer until I can let go.

The gentle memories of your eyes’ touch
and the lingering warmth of your smile comfort me.
The ticklish aroma of your company still fill the air.
I took for granted you would always be there.
Then suddenly, time blinked; and you were gone.
I want to accept it, but it’s a work in progress;
So, I might just hold on long enough to let go.

These days, legions of pictures,
stand guard along life’s lonely boulevard.
Occasionally, the mischievous ones jump from my phone to talk to me.
The sound of their voices make my heart tipsy and giddy with delight. 
This might seem odd, sentimental even;
but it helps sometimes to hold on to learn just how to let go.

Change now stares me with deafening silence.
The beautiful, familiar sounds seem less frequent.
Those tender memories folded and packed away in the drawers;
I hear them humming… reminding me how much you touched and changed my life.
It’s time to step back; so, I will really only hold on just to let go.

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