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Holding on

It feels like only yesterday; you would fall asleep in my arms;
needed my help to stand and walk. 
We played silly games and made up stories together.
I looked away for a moment;
there, you were starting your own journey without me.
It’s hard stepping back; so, I might just hold on a bit longer until I can let go.

The gentle memories of your eyes’ touch
and the lingering warmth of your smile comfort me.
The ticklish aroma of your company still fill the air.
I took for granted you would always be there.
Then suddenly, time blinked; and you were gone.
I want to accept it, but it’s a work in progress;
So, I might just hold on long enough to let go.

These days, legions of pictures,
stand guard along life’s lonely boulevard.
Occasionally, the mischievous ones jump from my phone to talk to me.
The sound of their voices make my heart tipsy and giddy with delight. 
This might seem odd, sentimental even;
but it helps sometimes to hold on to learn just how to let go.

Change now stares me with deafening silence.
The beautiful, familiar sounds seem less frequent.
Those tender memories folded and packed away in the drawers;
I hear them humming… reminding me how much you touched and changed my life.
It’s time to step back; so, I will really only hold on just to let go.

5 thoughts on “Holding on”

  1. Alphonso E Bridgewater

    I love tge xadence abd rhythm of this poem.
    It touches a tgene with which every doting parent can identify.
    The variety of metaphors resonate with me-my favourite being, “time blinked, and you were gone”

  2. It’s a very emotional and wonderful poem.
    This phrase especially touches my heart.

    Change now stares me with deafening silence.
    The beautiful, familiar sounds seem less frequent.

    Please continue to make good poems.

  3. “Holding On” is a masterpiece that deeply resonates with those of us in the autumn of our lives. Your ability to capture the essence of life and its fleeting nature is truly remarkable. The years have rushed by, leaving us astonished at how quickly our children have grown into the adults we were only yesterday.

    This poignant poem perfectly encapsulates the love I hold for my son, who is the treasure of my existence. When all hope seemed lost, he arrived unexpectedly, defying medical explanation. His presence in my life is a miraculous gift, and I am forever grateful to have been chosen as the vessel to bring him into this world.

    I extend my heartfelt thanks to the Universe for granting me this precious child, a blessing I never anticipated. To witness the tables turning, as he assumes the role I once played, brings me immense joy and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s a delightful reminder of the beauty of life’s cycles and the blessings that come with each stage.

    Once again, Dr. Kevin Isaac, your poem “Holding On” has touched my soul and resonated deeply with my own experiences. Thank you for your insightful and evocative words, which continue to inspire and uplift me on this beautiful journey of life.

  4. I envision being in this very same position a few years from now. It’s difficult for some parents to accept that their children have grown wings to fly around. As parents we would always want to be around to protect them, but we really have to allow them their space to discover, experience and grow.

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