Perfect Moment

Don’t wait for the perfect moment…
It will never come.
Take time instead to make moments perfect;
and to do the things worth doing even if you do them imperfectly.
Try a few simple gestures to show you care:
A loud smile teeming with affection;
an occasional and unexpected gaze
filled with understanding and empathy;
a silent but steady shoulder
when words begin to lose premium;
or a well-timed huddle when all else fails.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment…
it is forever beyond your reach.
Take time instead to share laughter;
walk hand-in-hand with your private thoughts
along the narrow streets of memory lane;
speak your heart’s truths, always…
no matter how they might be received.
And say the things that make a difference in someone else’s life,
but also those that make a life of difference in yours.
Try not to allow inconsistent moods to fertilise
the scattered seeds of bitterness or anger that occasionally visit you.
Otherwise, they will take root deep within and consume you.
Instead, always steady your mind to embrace the varied fruits of love
however, inopportune and learn to shepherd its harvests.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment…
It will always dupe and evade you.
Try instead to value the moments you already have.
And never ever take love, friendship, or kindness for granted.
They are not blind.
Before long, they will notice and may come to resent you.
Be mindful of your steps,
for at any time you can find yourself on the precipice of lost years,
with precious time slipping away;
as those closest to you drifting, unmoored,
while you linger to digest those perfect opportunities lost.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment…
It will never come.

3 thoughts on “Perfect Moment”

  1. Never read such a perfect verbal poetry . As if it was speaking my mind. Thank you Kevin for this perfect poetry

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