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An open secret,

half-hidden in time.
Tucked away securely in plain sight.
This sanctuary – sanguine and serene – invites passers-by to stop, unwind, and gaze at life.
A quiet place where even desires express themselves but only in private and in complete silence.
A place where dreams and prayers commingle as an eternal flame.

Concealed, in this tranquil citified oasis,
a talkative silence whispers.
It sometimes encourages thoughts to take time to carve memories in time.
The air here is soft, coated with melodies of smiles;
and time sits gracefully on the back bench like a monument of hope.

Half-hidden, in this haven of reverent silence,
wishes give birth to wishes.
They sprout unhindered; keen to capture and retain
traces of this rare beauty shining through the shards of sunlight painted delicately on stained glass.

This is my space; special, perfect, and pure.
A place of refuge.
Our solemn sanctuary sheltered from noisy feet and unsettled minds.
This is ours.
An urban oasis, our quaint, peaceful retreat to dream and pray.

It is my sacred place,
where prayers and dreams are at peace.
A place where the heart can carve feelings in bold wooden letters
and offer prayers in bouquets of candles.
A place of hope to dream

just maybe,
one day,
familiar smiles will shine to light the way home.


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