Beautiful day

 If the soft duvet of your touch
covers and comforts me throughout the night, tomorrow, too,
will be a beautiful day.

If I can fill your eyes
with my dreams until they flicker like candlelight,
happiness will always find me smiling,
and I know when I rise again,
it will be a beautiful day.

If I can memorise the softness of your embrace
and feast on it for breakfast,
tomorrow will be a beautiful day.

If I can hear the sun rise
and feel its reflections simmer on your skin,
it will be a beautiful day.

If I can stroke the cosiness of your hands
while sitting with the beauty of your smile,
it will be a beautiful day.

If I can take long, slow walks in the park,
and savour the fresh melodies of your company
it will be a beautiful day.

If I can gaze into your eyes’ soul
and inebriate my senses with delight

while guzzling the flavours of your touch
I will ask nothing more
because it will indeed be a beautiful day.

If time takes time to relax
I will sketch soft replicas of your face
to secure deep inside my heart
and remind myself that every day is another beautiful day.


10 thoughts on “Beautiful day”

  1. Sir Malcolm Copson

    What delightful words, etching some wonderful images on the never ending canvas that is my mind. 🙏🏽 Thank you, Your Excellency… your verbal photography has ensured that for me, this is indeed a beautiful day.

  2. It’s a beautiful day when I read a beautiful poem! Although it appears as a poem of a love
    past, to me it appears as a poem of content of a love that was. And if we can find joy even in its memory, that’s beautiful.

  3. It’s a privilege and a profound blessing on life’s walk, to find a companion who means this much …one that prefaces and makes memories of experience with …. the basis of a beautiful day ….

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