Slowing down

I am finally trying to slow down to take in life slowly and enjoy it completely; to take my time to listen to the dance of life as it races against time, remembering, we only have today.

I am finally trying to slow down to soak up the majesty of clouds flying across the skies; and to taste the changing seasons as they trade coats and flirt with my eyes.

I am finally trying to slow down to get completely drunk on the beauty of life; to appreciate the power of the sun and sip mouthfuls of rain while bouncing between raindrops.

I am finally trying to slow down to dress my dreams in the comforting fabrics of morning mists and to experience the seductive softness of flowers.

I am finally trying to slow down to take deep, wholesome breaths and breathe in the restoring calm of friendships; and to relish the abundant company of silence while using words as a hammock to relax my thoughts on a tired day.

I am finally trying to slow down to memorise the bountiful elegance of simple things; like the soulful serenity of dawn or the croissant-coloured dusk of an island nightfall; and to open my heart's arms to hold life as if this was my last chance.

I finally learned to slow down long enough to understand I must hurry to slow down to enjoy life’s precious moments.

11 thoughts on “Slowing down”

  1. Alphonso E Bridgewater

    What imagery! What immaculate metaphors! ( my fafourite? Reference to the “hammock”). What illustrative and instructional contrasts.
    I enjoyed the experience in word craft abd simplicity. Even mire, I enjoyed the mature treatment given, so creatively, to a theme so often felt but so rarely expressed. The urge, nay, I dare say, the need to slow down. And, then, the last paragraph graphically puts the cyclical and cintrasting-if nit cinfkuctual- urges, desires, needs, into oersoective

  2. Amazing. You have captured the moment with “mouthfuls of rain while bouncing between raindrops”.
    Your ability to paint a picture with words is unsurpassed. Thank you for another amazing portrait.

  3. What lovely poème – a great reminder on priorities and what life should really bé about. Thanks Kevin, blessings.

  4. Your poem beautifully captures the essence of savoring life’s fleeting moments. It’s a gentle reminder to appreciate the simple joys and find solace in the whispers of nature. Well done!

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