Verbal Photography – Inspiring Conversations

I keep wanting
to reacquaint my senses
with the comfortable sights, sounds, and flavours of Christmas;
to feel the scintillating scents brush against my skin
and to hear the crackling melodies of carols fill the air.

I wish…
If only I could stare into yesterday’s eyes
and watch reliable memories dance
like masquerades and paint the streets with accustomed smiles.

I long to watch
daylight sprint to greet me
like a long lost friend
and offer me a moment in the sun
where blue skies still chastise clouds.
I still yearn for my ears
to relish aromatic thoughts
and feel the warm comforts of home,
under the watchful gaze of a careful sunset.

I am ready to celebrate.
I don’t need Santa,
his bright-eyed reindeer or mystic snow angels.
Just give me radiant sunrises.

I will hang smiles, not mistletoe.
I will feast on laughter at dinner.
And on Christmas eve,
I will fall in love again with familiar memories
waiting to be unwrapped under the Christmas tree.

I am on my way…
to laugh out loud and in color
and to embrace the soft,
familiar warmth of Christmas

My mind is rushing home for the holidays.