Love can sometimes die a slow death
when conversations cease.
But love is not impetuous.
Like Hansel and Gretel, it leaves subtle clues hidden in plain sight.
It occasionally dishes out nuggets of wisdom.
But, it would never shy away from asking the hard questions -
whether irrational or rational.
However, without answers,
seeds of doubt take root and sprout in multiples.

Friendship can sometimes drag its feet
when conversations dry up.
But, it seldom rushes to act.
Although its faith hesitates if too often tested;
first, it tries to understand.
But, it will tolerate only so much,
before repairing to private spaces to take stock.
It resents being taken for granted.
Friendship is indeed patient, but it is no flunkey.
It has options and will eventually exercise them.

Hope, too, flounders and grows breathless
without conversations.
It dislikes uncertainty and frowns at the reticence of silence.
Hope is inquisitive, but it is not psychic.
It wants to hear, see, feel, and know.
With silence, it loses conviction and its self-confidence falters.
It craves communion and social interaction.
Hope is noble and sometimes ambitious,
but without the lubricating oils of conversations, it quickly wilts.

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